Atlanta Police Officers Patroling in New Ford Vehicles

Police work is a 24/7 job and demands the kind of vehicle that can sustain an intense, fast-paced work environment. So when the Atlanta Police Department decided to upgrade their vehicles they chose the reliability and technology only a Ford could offer. Last week the APD debuted their brand new fleet of police patrol vehicles. Seventy 2014 Ford Interceptor patrol vehicles will carry Atlanta’s finest while they protect and serve.

Police Interceptor Sedan

Prior to their recent switch the Interceptors, the APD drove our Crown Victorias. The Crown Vics have since discontinued production, prompting APD to look for an alternative. After months of research and numerous test drive, the Interceptor ultimately won out over the Dodge Charger and Chevrolet Caprice models.


Everyone knows Ford makes cars and trucks for our everyday driving. You may also know that Ford makes racecars like the one professional driver Tanner Foust drives for rally cross racing.  But Ford Motor Company has also been designing police vehicles for more than 60 years. As with all our Ford vehicles, these cars have been designed with the duties of a metropolitan police officer in mind.

 Ford has actually been pioneers in this area. We introduced the first factory installed ballistic door panels and our cars were the first to be rear-crash tested for speeds up to 75 miles per hour

They have also been equipped with our EcoBoost engines and 365-horsepower. These cars are developed specifically for car chases and pursuits, specifically with the police-tuned suspension and calibrated powertrain. There is no doubt these vehicles will keep officers safe while they are keeping us safe.

The technologies these vehicles are equipped with are also nothing short of incredible. Patrol officers spend a considerable amount of time in their cars, so they have to double not only as transportation but as a mini office of sorts. The cars are equipped with wireless hotspots that allow them access to their crime maps, records, and other police software. The cars also include HD dashboard and rear seat video cameras as well as full-time digital and audio recording. The in-car videos are automatically downloaded to a network of video servers. The car’s real-time GPS systems are integrated with Field Management System which allows supervisors to monitor a car’s location and speed at all times.

The Ford Police Interceptor models come in sedan and utility models. These Ford models are not available for purchase for regular use at dealerships, but we can all feel a little bit safer knowing our officers are cruising our streets in these high-tech, super safe vehicles.



One Response to “Atlanta Police Officers Patroling in New Ford Vehicles”

  1. Jamey Says:

    They couldn’t have picked a better make or model! Fords are awesome!

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