Unleash Your Inner Racecar Driver at Ford’s EcoBoost Challenge

Professional stunt driver Tanner Foust visited our Morrow  dealership earlier this month.  Spending time with a professional race car driver will definitely reignite those childhood dreams of drag racing and doing tricks at high speed in your own souped-up race car. Each year Ford gives fans that opportunity with our Ford EcoBoost Challenge Drive Experience.


The Ecoboost Challenge Tour has expanded this year from 5 cities to 13 and will be in Atlanta at Turner Field on The Ecoboost Challenge Tour has expanded this year from 5 cities to 13 and will be in Atlanta at Turner Field. The tour offers fans a fun and unique opportunity to experience the capabilities of some of Ford’s products, by putting you behind the wheels. There’s even an opportunity to challenge fellow drivers on our custom courses.


The EcoBoost Challenge shows off the great gas mileage AND power (yes, both) of our EcoBoost engines by allowing you to test it out against our competitors. The Hypermile Challenge, sponsored by our Green Team, shows off the maximum fuel efficiency of Ford’s hybrid cars and provides tips for saving money on gas. (At nearly $4 a gallon, we could definitely use that.)


Additionally, participants of the ST Performance Academy will enjoy two laps around the autocross course in two of our Sports Technology vehicles, the Fiesta and the Focus. The laps are timed and the driver with the fastest score each hour wins a prize. The two fastest times overall will face off for bragging rights and another prize. This is the ultimate test drive.


The Fiesta ST has not been released yet, but drivers attending the event will get a sneak peek at the car Road and Track described as “a hell of a car.” Complete with 197 horsepower and torque to spare (214 lbs to be exact), you’ll be riding corners like a champ. The Fiesta is also the car that Tanner Foust, GlobalRallyCross and X-Games Champion, drives in his rally car competitions.

Check out this video for a closer look at the Ford Ecoboost event:

The event is free, but space is limited. The only requirement is that you sign up in advance.  from 9 am-6 pm Saturday, September 7th. Sign up here if you want to be there too.


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